Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Deal reached for Dragons to participate in Challenge Cup according to Total RL website

The well respected website Total RL is reporting that a deal has been done to ensure Catalans Dragons will participate in this seasons Challenge Cup.

(Although the cynic in me says we will get reffed out of it before the semi finals).

You can read the article here.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Jouffret leaves Dragons on eve of season

A short statement from owner Bernard Guasch

President Bernard Guasch: "After years of collaboration, Catalans Dragons’ CEO Christophe Jouffret no longer holds any position at the club."

Presidents xii to face Dragons on Friday.

Some familiar names and faces will be lining up to represent Elite1 against Catalans. A number of former and current domestic league players will be trying to put one over the reining Challenge Cup holders. 

Lilian Albert
Arnaud Bart├Ęs
Charles Bouzinac
Bastien Canet
Damien Cardace
Bastien Escamilla
Jordan Flovie
Pita Godinet
Jayson Goffin
Bernard Gregorius
Joan Guasch
Mathieu Khedimi
Thomas Lasvenes
Thibaud Margalet
Cyril Molinier
Romain Pourret
Saia Tanginoa
Benjamin Vergniol
Valentin Yesa

Monday, 14 January 2019

Franco scores again but Flovie crosses 5 times as reserves win in cup.

Dragons beat Ferrals 12-54 away from home to progress in the domestic cup competition.

 J. Flovie 5, R. Franco, Zafra, M. Laguerre 2, Vailhen were the try scorers.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Tell us where Dragons will finish

We are running a thread on our RLFans forum to discuss where the team will finish in 2019.

Please follow the forum link on the upper menu or click here and tell us your thoughts.

(You will need an RLFans account to post, they are free and easy to get set up).

Saturday, 5 January 2019

TO XII 10-50 St Esteve

A return to form for St Esteve and something positive in the wake of yesterday's news about the Challenge Cup.

Here are the match highlights from the clubs official youtube feed.

Friday, 4 January 2019

The name's Bond. Challenge Cup Bond

The age-old adage says no taxation without representation. And yet, as associate members of the RFL, this is what appears to have happened first to Toronto and Toulouse and now to the Dragons.

Bonds are the issue, as is the overperformance of the Dragons in making the Challenge Cup final last season. All three clubs have been asked to put up bonds lodged against their participation in the 2019 Cup Final to offset against lower revenue from ticket sales should one of these clubs get to Wembley. All three have declined.

It's unclear what the sum was for the two Championship clubs, though said to be 'substantial'. In the Dragons case, it's said to be an eye-watering €550,000. Neither Toronto or Toulouse were ever going to be able to find that and instead set up their own Trans-Atlantic challenge for Cup Final weekend. Clever folk. Whether a Super League club could find that money is kind of moot when there's principle at stake and the Dragons have asked the RFL to 'look again' at the proposal.

There was a swell of goodwill and optimism with the inclusion of Red Star Belgrade in the competition this year, but that's all gone away with the treatment of these three associate members. It's Brexit as f--k for a start. British competition for British clubs and all that. Which you can shove up your backside as a game for which inclusivity and progressive values were why it even came to be in the first place.

Second, it's making these three clubs scapegoats for the RFL's inability to sell their premium competition (now that Super League has been hijacked by member clubs). There's no sponsor in place for the Cup in 2019. As sellers in a tough market, the RFL have a particularly hard job on their hands, but the way out of that is not to punish the overseas outliers you previously welcomed in to the fold.

It's clear also that as associate members, these clubs have been singled out. Without a voice - they are merely observers at the table - they can't really cause too much fuss unlike full member clubs with smaller fanbases and lower home attendances over the last few years. It's victimisation. Pick on those unable to fight back, and all to cover up your own deficiencies as an organisation.

Another age-old adage is that Rugby League must be pretty special to survive the string of amateurs that have been running it all these years. As it stands, we can only come to the conclusion that the RFL is not fit for purpose. We have no faith in them.

Dragons involved in Challenge Cup Bond row.

According to a number of media outlets, including the reliable "Independent" in Perpignan, the Dragons have asked the RFL to reconsider its request for a 500,000Eur bond (or as they call it a "deposit") to cover losses in case they win the Challenge Cup again.

Toronto and Toulouse have already said they wont be playing in the competition as a result.

Interview with former Dragon, Josh Drinkwater

Josh Drinkwater will forever be a Catalans legend.

In just over half a season he went from digging roads in Australia to lifting the Challenge Cup and keeping his team away from another Million Pound Game appearance.

He has since moved on to Hull KR, but was ranked as the biggest story in RL by New South Wales Rugby League down in Australia.

You can read the full interview here.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Have your say in Super league pods season predictions...

Our friends over at Superleague pod would love to hear Catalans fans thoughts on the season ahead.

The predictions will be part of an upcoming episode of the show.

It only takes a few minutes to take part so please click here

Thanks in advance.